… and why do I need one? by Heidi Richards Mooney

Even though POKEN has been around since early 2008 it’s not hit the tipping point (1 million users) of mainstream social media yet.  But I predict it will. Why?  Because if someone like me (a baby boomer) gets it, soon everyone will. POKEN is an excellent little technology gadget that allows people to quickly exchange contact information with one another without having to go back to the office and transfer the data from a business card to a database. And best of all, it helps you connect on several social networking sites, almost instantly. 

I predict everyone will be POKEN one another sooner than later.  It will be like TWITTER all over again!

This YouTube Video Explains how to use it. No, it’s not me! But she knows her stuff.

FYI, Here’s an article I wrote that better explains POKEN and why I’ve become a BIG FAN: Is POKEN, Your Social Networking Business Card Yet?

BTW, if you are in Raleigh in October and you have a POKEN… look out! My POKEN will be lighting up when she senses your POKEN in the room!